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Buying and placing GMEs

Club One (SA) Ltd has the aim of supporting Clubs, Sport and community activities in South Australia. To do so it requires income. Club One can make money by (among other business activities)

  • Managing Clubs

  • Building and operating Club venues

  • Managing Gaming Machines

  • Managing Gaming Machine Entitlements


The core to Club One‘s means to secure income for use in supporting Clubs is its Special Club Licence.

The Office of Liquor and Gambling Commissioner granted the Licence to Club One as a private not for profit company that complied with the requirements of the Gaming Machine Act 1992.

The License allows Club One to buy and place Gaming Machine Entitlements (GMEs) in complying venues in South Australia.

Club One buys GMEs from “vesting clubs”, and places the “vested entitlements” with host clubs, or “parks” GMEs on a short-term basis with other clubs or hotels.

Become a vesting club

Club One (SA) Limited can obtain GMEs from existing clubs that hold a Gaming Machine Licence.

It purchases these GMEs for a lump sum or offers selling clubs an income stream (like an annuity).

Importantly, vesting with Club One (SA) Limited removes from clubs the obligation to comply with a Gaming Machine Licence. They can now apply for grants and support on the same basis as a non-gaming Club venue.

Please contact the Club One (SA) Limited Executive Officer, Michael Keenan if you wish to learn more about opportunities for becoming a Vesting Club.

Hosting Clubs

Where possible Club One (SA) Limited allocates the GMEs it holds to Clubs that are able to pay the “rent” and thereby generate returns to the Club One and thus the club industry, community and recreation bodies.

Club One reviews Clubs seeking GMEs to ensure that can meet community guidelines for being “safe” venues. Equally, Clubs are supported by Club One to ensure they can use the Club One GMEs to maximize the Host Club‘s support for their members and local community.

Club One is particularly interested in allocating its GMEs to establishments that have state-of-the-art facilities, and which use best management procedures.

Please contact Club One (SA) Limited Executive Officer, Michael Keenan if you wish to learn more about opportunities for becoming a Hosting Club.

Short term parking

From time to time, Club One (SA) Limited has a limited number of GMEs available on a short-term basis.

Applicant hotels or clubs must provide the physical gaming machine and incur all incidental costs including (but not limited to) all taxes.

Unless agreed, Club One (SA) Limited does not provide the applicant with any guarantee beyond a three-month initial contract period as to the number of months the GMEs will be made available.

Those interested in licensing GMEs by short-term parking should contact Club One (SA) Limited Executive Officer, Michael Keenan who will explain the requirements for parking.

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